About Me


I’m Sabrina and I’ve created this website to track and document my journey to becoming a raw vegan. I am currently transitioning and by this I mean that I’m figuring out what works best for me since as you may know there are many different raw vegan/vegan lifestyle paths to choose from. I’m a 24 year old University student. In May of 2014 I found out I was pregnant and I couldn’t be happier. I am an avid health seeker — always looking for new ways to becoming the healthiest I can be! I enjoy staying fit, and crafts! My blog consists of an array of different subjects: raw vegan recipes, fitness, wellbeing and DIYs.

I’ve chosen to start doing the high carb and low fat raw vegan lifestyle 100%  in April of 2014. I thought it would be interesting to track my progress from the beginning, and keep a food journal, along with recipes. This website is my not-so-personal diary! I hope to connect with others who are the same journey. This lifestyle requires patience with results because it’s not a fad diet and there are years of damage to the body that go through a healing process. I decided to create this website to document all the changes and to have something to look back on.

 I came across the raw vegan lifestyle whilst browsing the web for solutions to my incredibly heavy and painful menses. Also, for digestive issues and candida imbalances. I always felt tired and needed ridiculous amounts of coffee to get through my day. I knew something had to change! I was looking for treatment of the actual issues rather than the symptoms. I will update everyone on these issues on my blog page as time goes on. I just wanted to express how I had come to this lifestyle and provide background about myself.

If you’re new to this and are looking for information I highly recommend checking out my resource page where you’ll be able to find a lot more information and helpful links. These will provide a good starting point to learn about the lifestyle.

Join me on my journey!

Here’s a picture of my face :):


7 Responses to About Me

  1. dutcherdeb says:

    I love Douglas Graham, durianrider and freelee.. also forks over knives. These are how I first started recognizing that being vegan isn’t only about ethical reasons. Our health can surely benefit as well. 🙂

    • It's a Raw Life says:

      Forks over knives I’ll check them out. I’ve been feeling great on this lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Very interesting! I have been thinking that I need to make a similar change xx

  3. Dear Sabrina , I wish you all the best in your “healthy” choice if food and lifestyle … 😊

  4. juishree says:

    Hi, Sabrina! I have made the journey you’re currently making. Currently, I’m a vegetarian but slowly making my way back to vegan. It’s amazing, and I give you major props for doing this! I’d love to follow you along your journey! Good luck, and take care.

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